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02 12月 17
北川 哲平
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NameRequired [mwform_text name=”entry-name” class=”w_m”]
AgeRequired [mwform_number name=”entry-nenrei” class=”w_s”]
AddressRequired [mwform_zip name=”entry-address1″][mwform_textarea name=”entry-address” class=”w_l” rows=”3″]
Phone NumberRequired [mwform_tel name=”entry-tel” class=”w_s”]
E-mailRequired [mwform_email name=”entry-mail” class=”w_m”]

From what company · What kind of work · From what periond in that company

[mwform_textarea name=”entry-resume” class=”w_l” rows=”5″]


Application Used, Programming Languages and Language Skill, etc.

[mwform_textarea name=”entry-skill” class=”w_l” rows=”5″]

Desired Working HoursRequired

How many days and hours in a weekRequired

[mwform_textarea name=”entry-hours” class=”w_l” rows=”3″]

Reason to applyRequired [mwform_textarea name=”entry-motivation” class=”w_l” rows=”3″]
[mwform_submitButton name=”entry_submit” confirm_value=”Check Your Entries” submit_value=”確認して送信”]