About Orientation

Because of this rule, you CAN WORK from HOME! !


No.1. Have a new employee prepare a Gmail account

In our work, we use many tools to register with a Google Account.
If new employee do not have a Gmail account, they will create a new one.

 No.2. Register to Facebook group page

We will report your “Attendance” and “Leave” on your Facebook group page.

1/23[This meaning is January 23]

Good morning.
I would appreciate your favor of today. 9:00-12:00 13:00-18:00
・ Progress check and management of each project.
【Project A】 → Continue adding deadlines, checklists, details.
【Project B】 → Create images of E-commerce sites, register new products.
【Project C】 →Add wooCommerce to WordPress, adjust CSS and arrange the layout.

If you want to change the planned working hours, please post as follows. After posting to the group page, you will also modify Google Calendar.
I’m sorry. I will change my schedule as follows.
1/23 10:00-12:00 17:00-18:00
17:00-18:00 19:00-21:00
*”1/23″ means January23


No.3. Determining your attendance date and time on Google Calendar

Let’s enter your monthly work schedule.
You can work up to 48 hours for up to one week. In addition, please share the following Gmail account to understand your schedule.
1) aaaaa@gmail.com
2) bbbbb@gmail.com
3) ccccc@gmail.com
*We will inform you of administrative mail account later.

It is forbidden to change frequently on your working day. If you can not keep it, report to your boss and change your schedule after getting permission. However, please make it within about 3 times a week.   In other words, if you work 48 hours “firmly” in a week, it is OK.

We will allow some time change. If you change the time, be sure to include it on Facebook. This is absolute! ! In the unlikely event that you don’t contact me or write it on Facebook, we will reduce the salary on that day. If you want to change the time, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS “HAVE COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK”.


No.4. How to register to Trello, start task, end report

1)When starting a task, please comment [in] to that task card.
2)Next, you will comment on what to do with that task card.
3)Do the task.
4)Leave a comment on text comments, image attachments, etc. and report the progress of your work.
5)When you leave the task temporarily, such as when you leave for lunch break, or when completing the task, please comment [out] on the task card. When commenting [out] with Trello, also
comment about the PROGRESS SITUATION next to it.
*Please refer to IMAGE[outComment] Let’s do this thoroughly.



No.5. Important things at our company

☆1:Thorough ,implementation of “report”, “contact” and “consultation”


☆2:FaceBook = Google Calendar = Trello ([in] & [out] coments of each TASK) In order for our company to understand your working hours, please make sure the following tools synchronize time (same state).
FaceBook = Google Calendar = Trello ([in] & [out] coments of each TASK) If consistency can not be achieved with these three tools, in the worst case our company can not pay salary to you, so be sure to be truly, really careful!!!
Your salary will be calculated based on your report. Especially [in] + [out] is important. Please set it as one set with [in] + [out]. It is not good if either one lacks. In the unlikely event that either [in] or [out] is missing, please describe as follows.

☆When [in] is missing [in] After report.
The report was missing. It is [in] from 15:05.

☆ When [out] is missing [out] After report.
The report was missing. It is [out] at 18: 03.


“Report”, “contact”, “consultation” are important rules in our company. This is one of the “reports”.
Let’s understand the rules firmly so that everyone can work more comfortably.


☆3:(Only Administrator)“commanding a view”, “back calculation”, “disassembly” The administrator must have the idea of “commanding a view”, “back calculation”, “disassembly” .
・“commanding a view”: Objectively grasp the overall picture of the business as if the bird overlooks the entire ground from the sky.
・“back calculation”: Firstly, You decide the goal. From there, go back to the present and think about the process / schedule in between.
・“disassembly”: At first sight, tasks and problems that seem to be difficult can be solved by disassembling it one by one, one by one.


☆4: As part of our security management, our headquarters staff needs to grasp the devices that you use for your work. Please apply for the type of device, OS version such as PC, laptop, tablet, iPad, smartphone etc. Anti-virus software will distribute [ESET Smart Security] from our company. Since the contract fee will be borne by the company, install it on the device used by your work. Example) PC :Desktop, windows10、 Tablet :iPad(Air2),iOS11.25 SmartPhone:iPhone6sPlus, iOS11.0


☆5: Please write the outline, the date and time in the comment column of Facebook post for the contents of the meeting between each staff.


Finally, please connect Messanger and Skype all the time while you work.
Then we can keep in touch with each other at all your working times.
By observing these rules, you can work from home.


We will have a dinner party once or twice a year in various places.
We usually do not match our face,Let’s work together happily as a teammate.



>> Our “Labor Regulations” from here.